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Following the school motto of “To be a proud Chinese” and adhering to the belief of “to nurture students into citizens with patriotism, international perspective and intercultural communication skills”, Beijing 21st Century International School has set its aim as “to build an international school favored by all students, perfected by ever-improving teachers, approved by all parents and recognized by the general public” to establish an education catering to our students’ future development.

Our school has integrated quality education resources both home and abroad, integrating quality education resources both home and abroad, the school has made as its orientation “carrying forward the quintessence of Chinese culture, combining the advanced courses from China and America to cater for China’s high school students”.


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Wolf-like Fight Spring Journey—A Team Building Activity

Wolf-like Fight Spring Journey—A Team Building ActivityBy Du lan, Translated by Guilin Tang and Nathaniel XueWith the increasing growth of our foreign teacher team, our school plan...

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